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6 Ways School Management Platforms Improve Teacher Productivity and Performance

School management platforms exist to streamline school operations and automate time-consuming administrative tasks and processes. However, today’s best school management platforms (SMPs) deliver benefits beyond a school’s business office, revolutionising how teachers perform their roles too.Quality SMPs support classroom teachers… Continue Reading →

School Management
School Management

How Your School Can Prioritise Teacher Wellbeing

You don’t have to work in the education sector to know that the last few years have been tough for teachers. The pandemic had a seismic impact on educators in Australia and New Zealand, with a 2022 Monash University study… Continue Reading →

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5 Challenges Schools Face Managing Tuition Payments Manually

In recent years, schools have embraced digital technology for education delivery. While they’re successfully going digital to improve learning outcomes, the opportunity to revolutionise the school business office technology isn’t always exploited. Many administrative teams are still stretched managing tasks… Continue Reading →

Tuition Management
Tuition and Financial Management

7 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition to Your New School Management System (SMS)

Transitioning to a new school management system can feel daunting. Your student information system (SIS) is the backbone of your school’s operations and plays a crucial role in many aspects of school management. In our experience, it’s not uncommon for… Continue Reading →

School Management
School Management

3 Ways to Improve How Your School Manages Enrolments

As managing enrolments becomes a year-round task, many schools are reflecting on their enrolment process. While the start-of-year intake is the major enrolment event for schools, managing enrolment is an admin-heavy task that requires close management at all stages of… Continue Reading →

School Management
School Management

The importance of a robust tuition fee collection process as the cost of living soars

An increase in the cost of living means schools need to manage their tuition fees effectively with consideration to the needs of their families. It is important to communicate expectations clearly, manage hardship sensitively and provide easy ways for families to pay.

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Education and Technology School Management Tuition and Financial Management

How FACTS Enables a Seamless Whole-School Experience

The right school management platforms support schools to operate more efficiently and effectively. Best-in-class school software captures and integrates all aspects of running a school. From operations to teaching, communication, tuition fees and financial management, a quality school management solution… Continue Reading →

School Management Tuition and Financial Management

Are Payment Plans Part of your School’s Marketing?

Sending your child to school can be a significant investment. While school tuition fees vary considerably across Australia, the 2021 Futurity Investment Group Planning for Education Index found that the average total cost of education for a child starting at… Continue Reading →

School Marketing Tuition and Financial Management

Optimising Your School’s Approach to Late Tuition Fees

Late tuition fees are a reality for most K-12 schools. However, the way they’re handled can be the difference between a growing arrears balance that’s hugely time-consuming to control and a small number of late payers who are generally managed… Continue Reading →

Tuition and Financial Management

5 Benefits of Automating Tuition Fee Payments

Five of the most significant benefits of automating tuition fee payments; less administration, fewer errors, better security, set-and-forget for families, comprehensive arrears management, predictable cashflow and greater transparency.

Tuition and Financial Management

Relieving Some of the Burden of Payment Security

As business offices evaluate their processes in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, changing school policies, and ever-evolving technology priorities, keeping payment compliance top of mind is critical. Maintaining compliance for software applications that process payments is demanding, requiring regular audits… Continue Reading →

Security and Compliance

Helping School Business Managers Meet Key Challenges

The role of the school business manager has always been diverse and demanding. Covering a wide range of functions and dealing with many stakeholder groups, school business managers wear many hats – and the demands on them are growing as… Continue Reading →

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