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FACTS Australia

5 Benefits of Automating Tuition Fee Payments

Tuition payments are at the heart of your school’s operations. Without a solid approach to tuition management, managing school fees can be a time consuming and error-prone process. Tuition payments solutions like FACTS support your school to streamline the way…
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Relieving Some of the Burden of Payment Security

As business offices evaluate their processes in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, changing school policies, and ever-evolving technology priorities, keeping payment compliance top of mind is critical. Maintaining compliance for software applications that process payments is demanding, requiring regular audits…
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Helping School Business Managers Meet Key Challenges

The role of the school business manager has always been diverse and demanding. Covering a wide range of functions and dealing with many stakeholder groups, school business managers wear many hats – and the demands on them are growing as…
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