The right school management platforms support schools to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Best-in-class school software captures and integrates all aspects of running a school. From operations to teaching, communication, tuition fees and financial management, a quality school management solution allows schools to build a strong foundation for the future.


FACTS School Management offers comprehensive security features to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. The system supports single sign-on, role-based access controls, regular backups, data encryption, regular software updates and security patches, and compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. The combination of these features ensures robust protection for your school’s sensitive information.

Student and Family Management

Modern families look increasingly different from families of decades past, which can make managing communication and sensitive information challenging. FACTS allows schools to capture complex family relationships and documents and use this information to navigate this sometimes-tricky landscape with confidence.

School Operations

Digitising and automating regular and repeatable tasks gives schools more time to spend on value-adding activities and learning delivery. FACTS lets schools communicate easily and instantly with staff, families and students, driving stronger engagement and reducing the school’s administrative burden. With enrolment, communication, alumni management and more managed via intuitive 24/7 portals, sharing information and collecting forms, payments and medical information is simple.

Teaching and Learning

Leading school management solutions make planning, creating and delivering learning simple. FACTS supports optimised timetabling, attendance management, assessment and modified learning programs. Parent-teacher interviews and wellbeing workflows are managed digitally, and customisable analytics allow for seamless performance tracking of the entire school or a specific cohort – even down to the individual student level.

Financial Management

Managing school finances is a challenging and time-consuming task that’s even more difficult without a whole-school approach. FACTS’ integrated accounting package incorporates debtor and creditor management, payroll, fixed asset management, and purchase orders and workflows, making manual reconciliation and double entry a thing of the past. A real-time view of the school’s financial position and advanced analytics capability support informed decision-making.

Tuition Management and Incidental Billing

Automating tuition payments lets schools deliver a better payment experience for families while reducing the administrative load and providing predictable income. FACTS Tuition Management can be used independently or as part of the FACTS School Management suite. Families can self-manage payment plan accounts and use a range of payment methods.


Schools must comply with government reporting requirements regarding student enrolment, achievement and attendance. FACTS allows schools to create customised reports to meet these requirements as well as their own reporting needs.

Specialty Modules

Each school takes a unique approach to managing its library program, resource booking, bus tracking and more. FACTS’ specialist modules support central management of these important aspects.


As the education sector evolves, it’s crucial that schools surround themselves with partners with a deep understanding of the learning landscape and a willingness to respond to changing needs.

At FACTS, our partner program sees us work with leading brands across the education spectrum. Using our seamless third-party integrations and API library makes it easier than ever to focus on what matters: helping students reach new heights.