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SEDA College NT – Insights

SEDA College NT is delighted with the experience provided by the FACTS School Management team since mid-2022. We are grateful to Francis and the SEDA College NT team for the incredible work they have done with our team to make… Continue Reading →

School Management

The digitised information we collect from students and families is very flexible with many reports and when we need specialised queries with the data mining function.

– Jim Lambie, Business Manager, Newstead Christian School, Tasmania

6 Ways School Management Platforms Improve Teacher Productivity and Performance

School management platforms exist to streamline school operations and automate time-consuming administrative tasks and processes. However, today’s best school management platforms (SMPs) deliver benefits beyond a school’s business office, revolutionising how teachers perform their roles too.Quality SMPs support classroom teachers… Continue Reading →

School Management
School Management

How Your School Can Prioritise Teacher Wellbeing

You don’t have to work in the education sector to know that the last few years have been tough for teachers. The pandemic had a seismic impact on educators in Australia and New Zealand, with a 2022 Monash University study… Continue Reading →

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7 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition to Your New School Management System (SMS)

Transitioning to a new school management system can feel daunting. Your student information system (SIS) is the backbone of your school’s operations and plays a crucial role in many aspects of school management. In our experience, it’s not uncommon for… Continue Reading →

School Management
School Management

3 Ways to Improve How Your School Manages Enrolments

As managing enrolments becomes a year-round task, many schools are reflecting on their enrolment process. While the start-of-year intake is the major enrolment event for schools, managing enrolment is an admin-heavy task that requires close management at all stages of… Continue Reading →

School Management
School Management

The importance of a robust tuition fee collection process as the cost of living soars

An increase in the cost of living means schools need to manage their tuition fees effectively with consideration to the needs of their families. It is important to communicate expectations clearly, manage hardship sensitively and provide easy ways for families to pay.

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PCSchool’s hosted solution meant we could mark rolls and record and manage student behaviour online, and this information was accessible to all staff regardless of where they were. Teachers weren’t limited to being at school to work on student reports, giving them more flexibility to complete them in a way that fits in with their lives.

– Lucy Gotts, Snowy Mountains Christian School

We have found FACTS School Management to be a vital all-in-one tool for our school administration, bringing together all data related to students in a single, user-friendly platform for students, teachers and whanau/caregivers. We really like that all areas of the school are able to use the single database - administration, teaching and co-curricular too. Over the years, FACTS has been highly responsive to our needs and developed tools specifically to meet them. Now we can quickly and easily access the data we need in a format that suits us. We really appreciate the availability of the helpdesk staff, and have developed excellent relationships with their specialist staff too - we know that FACTS cares about how their product and them team work for us.

– Clare Linzey, Selwyn College NZ