FACTS School Management Cloud Hosting

FACTS School Management is now available as a hosted solution powered by Microsoft Azure and strengthened by Cloudflare’s security tools.

Maintaining an on-premises student management system represents several challenges for schools. These include higher costs in infrastructure, resource allocation, limited accessibility, scalable constraints, security vulnerabilities, inadequate disaster recovery, outdated technology and more.

Why Move to a Hosted Solution?

  • Transitioning to the cloud will bolster your schools’ cybersecurity defenses and ensure robust security measures are up to date and in place.

  • Easy-to-scale resources to meet your school’s evolving needs.

  • Access anywhere, anytime for administrators, teachers, and students who may need to work remotely or access information on the go.

  • Reliable backup and disaster recovery, ensuring minimal service disruption in the event of hardware or unforeseen incidents.

  • Reducing school IT expenses associated with resourcing, in-house experts and maintaining on-premises servers.

What Does FACTS offer?

  • 15 years’ experience in hosting education solutions
  • Smooth migration (minimal disruption)
  • Ongoing support

Transitioning to a cloud-hosted solution empowers your school to optimise its operations, enhance security and adapt to the evolving education landscape more efficiently.

Ready to move to the hosted solution or have additional questions? Please contact Carl Hogan, Customer Success Manager at Carl.Hogan@FACTSmgt.com.au.