In this new Development Spotlight series, Jeremy Penner, our Vice President of Product Development, will keep you informed on what’s new and important in RenWeb. 

RenWeb was built feature-by-feature on recommendations and feedback from our users. True to that spirit, we remain committed to building and growing intuitive, user-friendly products that make sense for schools.

Back in May, we released to the Chrome browser the first Student screens in RenWeb 1 that will eventually re

Email lesson plans and gradebook progress reports directly from RenWeb 1 Communications

place the Student screens in all browsers. Shortly afterward, we sent a survey to users to gain their feedback. We were happy to receive overwhelmingly positive responses. The results confirmed we’re on the right development path, and they also generated excitement among our team to keep pushing for greater user engagement.

Speaking of engagement—how about this year’s Power Conference in Miami?! Not only were all 840 attendees engaged with RenWeb associates in trainings and presentations, the peer interaction between users was unbelievable. It was thrilling to watch. The Power Conference app played a key role in connecting people, and that digital connection transitioned into live interaction. Attendees sought each other out to talk about how they approach situations and solve problems at their schools. We were incredibly gratified to be able to facilitate that invaluable interaction. Thank you!

Our communication with you and your communication with each other both have a significant impact on our ability to solve problems. It’s a win-win: we hear pain points and accomplishments directly from users, while users receive training from us and each other at the same time. That’s why we’re committed to listening, letting you know what’s coming, and giving you context for the decisions we make.

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Select multiple recipients when building your email message

To that end, we recently released a new version of Communications in RenWeb 1—a complete replacement of the current Communications screens. In a couple of weeks, we’ll email another survey to get your opinions about the new design and functionality.

Here are a few important features in the new Communications area:

  • All screens can be accessed on any modern browser from PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and tablets.
  • We added a new filtering option to allow schools in a district environment to select users from every school in which they have rights without having to exit the Communications area and change the school from the home screen. (A “district environment” means there are multiple schools or partitions within RenWeb.)
  • The user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.
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Email different relationship types, including Mother, Father, and Enrollment Responsibility

We hope you find the new Communications area in RenWeb 1 as exciting as we do. More importantly, we hope that you take the time to fill out the upcoming survey. Feedback from over 4,000 client schools helps us create a product you love to use. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact Customer Support at 866-800-6593.