At 10:00 PM Central on Wednesday, November 9 and Thursday, November 10, we will be releasing additional security updates for parents creating an Online Application Account. Please note that parents and schools will continue to be able to access Online Application during this time period. There will be no disruption in service.

The following changes will include the following:

  • After creating an Online Application Account, the parent will need to verify their account and email by clicking on the verification link located within the Create an Account email notification. The parent will NOT be able to log into their Online Application account until they have verified their email.
  • If the parent misplaces or does not receive the initial email notification, then they can request it to be resent once by attempting to log into their Online Application account and following the prompt.
  • From within the Online Application CMS > Online Application parents, a red warning will display for accounts that have not had their email verified.

These changes will not affect parents that already have an Online Application account created.

Please reach out to our Customer Support Team at 866-800-6593 with any additional questions.