Please see below for important updates to RenWeb 1


Students and Staff

  • We created a new Template view for student and staff Schedules which will display the individual’s class schedule as defined in the school’s schedule template for the selected Year and Term.


  • Users now have a link to quickly access student medical reports, student alerts, and alert configuration in the Medical area. This update addresses gaps between Desktop and RenWeb 1.


  • We updated the design of the Year and Term configuration screen to provide consistency within the application.
  • We updated the design of the Locker Management configuration screen to provide the same functions found in Silverlight Locker Management, including the ability to create and manage groups, import and export lockers, and assign students to lockers en masse.


  • To address user confusion and concerns, individual assignment grades will now display as typed, up to 3 decimals, rather than rounding based on Gradebook Options. Please note that the way student grades are calculated has not changed, only how assignment grades display in the grid.


For the full list of all RenWeb 1 updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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