Please see below for important updates to RenWeb 1:

Classes (Released 07/26/2018)
We added buttons on the Classes screen for Attendance and Report Card to provide quick access to the Classroom Attendance and Classroom Report Card screens.

Classroom – Lunch
warning will appear if the user attempts to order multiples of 5 of the same item per student.

Library – Silverlight

We have removed access to Library (Silverlight). Current RenWeb Library users should still have access to all of their library data through the following reports:

  • Library: Books Export
  • Library: Circulation Export
  • Library: Patrons Export
  • Library: Patron Photos MANDARIN CUSTOMERS ONLY

Users will now be able to see a description of all security items in Security Groups.

For the full list of all RenWeb 1 updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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