We resolved a number of known issues in our latest update to RenWeb 1: 

  • Refreshing the Medical Screen will no longer take users to the Cash Register Screen.
  • Users will be able to remove day attendance codes for students again. We also resolved another issue where Attendance by Student automatically displayed a day attendance code when no attendance has been taken for the day. Please note that the setting to “Treat No attendance as Present” is an option reserved for manually running Day Attendance only.
  • Staff Immunizations no longer have a compliance check. This compliance check was designed for use with the person type of Student. Although it had mistakenly shown for person types of staff, the compliance check would never work as intended.
  • We resolved a few issues regarding Admissions checklists in RenWeb 1, specifically relating to email sending options and missing checklist data.
  • We also resolved issues where excessive and unnecessary toast messages would appear and pages where users experienced difficulty saving.
  • We resolved an issue where users had the ability to remove Gradebook Settings during a copy. We provided a fail safe which will help to preserve data.

For the full list of all RenWeb 1 updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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