My Classroom

Classes in My Classroom defaults now to RenWeb 1’s primary theme color for better performance if a color has not been selected for a class. Users are still able to change the colors of their respective classes. 


Medical User Defined Fields is available in the Medical area of RW1. 

FACTS/Financial Responsibility

We added an upper-level configuration component to allow assigning Family Financial Responsibility en masse. 

RenWeb 1 Home Screen

We updated the Home Screen to use more of the screen rather than to limit information to a restricted width. 


Security has been added to prevent a user with restricted class list rights from accessing Attendance from the main menu. An instructor should be able to access attendance from My Classroom, but only administrators with rights to both Attendance and Class List will be able to see the attendance item in the main menu. 

Communication – Email Groups

We restricted access in Communication – Email Groups for District Wide Settings. If a user has access to the District Wide Filter, they will be able to mark a group as District Wide. If they do not have rights, the District Wide Setting for the group will be hidden from the user.

For the full list of all RenWeb 1 updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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