Please see below for important updates to LMS

Copy Single Unit, Topic, or Item
  • After creating a unit, topic, or item, you can now copy to another class.

Grade Codes

  • The Grade column in LMS grading area, previously ‘Received’ column, now accepts grade codes. (Grade codes are setup in Classroom’s Gradebook Options)

Total Column

  • The ‘Total’ column is now displayed in LMS, calculating all points and any entered grade codes.

Class Color No Longer Set in LMS

  • Classroom still remains the administration area for Teachers to configure their classes’ settings. Choosing a class color option needs to be done in Classroom, and the LMS will reflect the color selection.

Default ‘My Classes’

  • LMS users with the ‘Class List’ security right will notice ‘My Classes’ is now selected by default. This improves page load time, and helps find classes easier and faster.

Speed Enhancements

  • As always, we continue to improve the performance of RenWeb LMS.


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