We released several updates to the new student area, making it available to all browsers and including missing items that were not included in the primary release.

The following features are available on all browsers, not just Chrome. 

  • Add New Student Wizard has similar functionality to the Silverlight version.
  • Delete Student is included
  • Advanced Filter and an updated Person List Filter
  • Updated versions of BehaviorP/T Conference, and Student Attendance
  • An Updated Student Dashboard showing service hours and the note assigned to the student
  • Updated Student Finance Page that will only require users to set responsibility if the student is in more than one family


We released a new Family Dashboard. Users can manage Family Settings, Relationships, Financial Responsibility, etc. for Families.

Family Individuals

Family Individuals is released as the second level of family management. Users can add/edit Family Individuals demographic and contact info, employment, service hours, etc.


Student Attendance (currently in Silverlight) is REPLACED by our new version of Student Attendance with this release due to the existing outstanding issues formerly associated with the Silverlight version of the area.

Report Manager

Advanced Filter is released for Student-based reports. Silverlight Report Manager is replaced by our new version in this release as well.

For the full list of all RenWeb 1 updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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