Configuration – Textbooks 

  • Users may now configure, add, assign, and un-assign textbooks to courses, students, and staff

My Classroom – Gradebook

  • Assignment grades can now be calculated directly from standard grades.
  • Instructors can now fill assignment grades for all students.
  • Users may now set up gradebooks to allow letter/special character grades on assignments in addition to numerical grades.
  • Statuses have been replaced with grading codes and are now completely defined by instructors.
  • We added the ability to set a default maximum number of points possible on all assignments within a gradebook.
  • Instructors may now designate if an assignment will have standards associated with it and if those standards are to be graded.
  • Instructors may now set a default Gradebook view when entering the gradebook – Summary View, All Assignments View, and view by specific category
  • We replaced our existing Gradebook grid with a new grid that should alleviate reported performance issues. In addition to upgraded performance, any row that a user updates will highlight, clearly indicating the line the user is editing and making it easier to keep track of where they are.

My Classroom – Lesson Plans  

  • Users may now show or hide features in the Lesson Plans area at their discretion. The preferences selected are specific to the user and to the class. Additionally, fields that contain data will not be hidden from the user.

My Classroom – Lunch 

  • We redesigned the Lunch Order tool to now allow a user to take order by item or by student. This creates an easier experience for users who are more familiar with Desktop.

Attendance – Homeroom Attendance

  • Schools may now easily view homeroom attendance for a student for the current date on the Student Dashboard, as well as in My Classroom Attendance.
  • A report has been added to show the total number of tardies and absences for a student – accessible from within the attendance card of the Student Dashboard.


  • We added Family IDs to the grid view of the Student Finance page to help differentiate between multiple families associated with students.
  • We included a print button for each Parent/Teacher Conference entry for reporting purposes.

People Management 

  • Users may now include notes for Service Hour entries for Staff and Family Individuals as they were able to in Desktop.
  • Employer ID has been added to the Employment Area for Family Individuals for reporting purposes.


  • We removed the “Allow Forgot Password Link” in the Security Settings area. The link will now always show on the login page. Log in expiration time and this link are now managed by the identity server and internal processes, rather than by users.

Staff Clock 

  • Administrators with rights to edit Staff Clock will now be able to edit time sheets in RenWeb1 as they were able to in Desktop.

For the full list of all RenWeb 1 updates and bug fixes, please click here.

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