Parent Alert:

We added Parent Alert features to the Communications Beta area. This includes:

  • Text Alerts
  • Voice Alerts
  • Text-to-Speech Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • A report of “Today’s Alerts”


Security Groups:

  • We added a filter in the Security Rights View of Security Groups, allowing users to filter by specific area (eg. Admissions, Cafeteria, System, etc.) when searching for rights.
  • We replaced our overflow menu on our Group List screen with icons to better facilitate easy navigation – an icon for Group Members and an icon for Rights.
  • We also replaced the buttons to toggle between Members view and Rights view with the same corresponding icons.

My Classroom

Gradebook > Assignments

  • We redesigned the Add/Edit Assignments view to allow users to see and access options more clearly. We replaced copy assignment with an icon in the navigation bar.
  • We redesigned the standards selection options in Add/Edit Assignments for easier use. Users will not see the ability to add standards to an assignment until after the assignment has been saved. Users will also default to seeing only standards tied to the course, but may choose to view all standards as well.

Lesson Plans

  • We added our standards update to the standards area in Lesson Plans as well.

Report Manager

Report Manager Beta

  • We added Report Manager as a Beta Area. Report Manager now features reports that were previously only accessible in RenWeb Desktop. Note: Please bear with us. This area is in beta and users may experience issues. Please contact Support at 866-800-6593 to report any issues.

Support Chat

Accessibility in RenWeb 1

  • RenWeb Chat Support is now available for users to access within the RenWeb 1 User Menu. This will also prepopulate needed fields (i.e., name and program) for Support when opening a service ticket.

For the full list of all RenWeb 1 updates and bug fixes, please click here.

Do you have questions? Call Customer Support at 866-800-6593.