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FACTS Family Online

FACTS Family Online and the FACTS Family App (formerly RenWeb Home) allow you to regularly communicate with your families, while providing them with crucial academic and financial information. FACTS Family Online and the FACTS Family App automatically sync with FACTS Student Information System data, and allow families to access data from their preferred device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

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Improve the way your school manages information, automates processes, and communicates with families.

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Provide Instant Information Access to Your Families

Benefits for Families

  • Families have access to vital information at all times, including assignments, attendance, calendars, grades, lunch ordering, and online school payments.
  • Streamlined communications allow your families to easily collaborate with you and your teachers, which promotes better student outcomes.
  • If your school uses Premier Billing, your families can also see their tuition payment plan and incidental billing payments.
  • Convenient mobile access through the FACTS Family App, available for both Android and Apple iOS.