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School Management

School Management

FACTS School Management is a flexible platform that helps schools manage the entire student lifecycle. Empowering your school to provide a seamless whole-school experience simplifies administration, information management, communication, and financial management, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter.

Whether your school is large or small, stand-alone or with multiple campuses, we can help you spend less time on routine tasks and more time delivering high-quality learning and building connected school communities.

Designed with security and privacy front of mind, FACTS School Management offers comprehensive security features to ensure your data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It supports single sign-on, role-based access controls, regular backups, data encryption, regular software updates and security patches, and compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. The combination of these features ensures robust protection for your school’s sensitive information.

  • Student and Family Management
  • Communication including Family App
  • Attendance
  • Curriculum and Assessment

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  • Timetabling
  • Wellbeing, Mentoring and Development
  • Integrated Financial Management
  • Tuition Management and Billing
  • Alumni Management
  • Resource Booking
  • Other Speciality Modules
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Creating Connected School Communities

Student and Family Management

Manage all student and family information and reduce administrative burdens.


Digitise and automate regular and repeatable tasks. Easily accommodate modern communication preferences.

Teaching and Learning

Optimise attendance management and assessment reporting, enhance communication with parents/caregivers and improve wellbeing workflows.

Financial Management

Manage budgeting, accounts payable/receivable and wages in real-time; create detailed reporting in minutes


Track and measure registrations and payments for your library, improve resource booking, offer bus tracking and more.

Partners and Integrations

Our program is built on the knowledge that we can provide demonstrable benefits to customers and a competitive advantage for partners.