School Administration

For more than two decades, FACTS has provided schools with modern, intuitive solutions to meet the
needs of their administrators, teachers, and parents. Our school information system (SIS) and learning
management system (LMS) are robust platforms to support your school’s efforts in the front office, in
the classroom, and at home.

Read more about our school administration solutions below.

Student Information System

Streamline admissions. Master early enrollment. Provide your families with the information they
need. It’s all possible with FACTS Student Information System (SIS). It automates the seamless
flow of information between school administrators, teachers, and parents through state-of-the-
art solutions that provide convenience and efficiency.

Learning Management System

FACTS Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy to implement, train, and deploy 1:1
device programs, blended learning, and other current teaching methodologies via an intuitive,
friendly interface. Our LMS measures and monitors student progress, facilitates critical thinking
projects, prepares students for scholastic advancement, and improves communication.

Parent Alert

In the event of an emergency or another situation that requires immediate communication to
your school community, you need the ability to send information quickly and reliably through
multiple channels. With FACTS Parent Alert, you can send alerts instantly to parents,
faculty/staff, and students by phone, text, or email.