Specialty Modules

Specialty Modules

Schools are complicated organisations with many moving parts. To be effective, a school management platform must integrate a wide range of services, many unique to the education sector. FACTS School Management incorporates the ‘extras’ your school needs to provide a seamless whole-school experience. Manage library, resource booking, bus tracking and more via an integrated platform that brings everything together.

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Library Management

Take your library management to the next level with staff and student information from your school’s central database and an online catalogue and booking system. You can manage resources, reservations and notifications with ease. Fees for late returns or lost books can be reflected on each student’s account.

Resource Bookings

Manage shared resources efficiently and effectively, including vehicles, technology, and sports equipment. FACTS School Management’s online booking system integrates with your timetable to provide a real-time view of resource availability. You can even manage bookings, deposits and bonds for external events and parties, hiring your hall or other event spaces.

Bus Tracker

Let families know when students are due with GPS tracking of bus location and arrival times. Whether students catch the bus to and from school each day, or families need to know when an excursion or school camp is due back, FACTS allows parents to track their location in real time.