Student and Family Management

Student and Family Management

Modern families look increasingly different from the stereotypical families of decades gone by. Single and separated parents, blended families, grandparents acting as primary caregivers, and families with court orders are just some scenarios today’s schools must manage.

FACTS School Management supports schools to reflect complex family relationships and manage communication appropriately. It allows you to customise communication preferences to capture the information that should be shared (and not shared) with different caregivers, supporting you in confidently navigating this sometimes-tricky landscape.

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Advanced Relationship Management

Record family relationships accurately and use this information to inform communication. With FACTS School Management, you can reflect specific family dynamics – for example, that one parent or caregiver pays school fees but should not be contacted regarding student attendance or behaviour.

Smart Online Forms

Capture student and family information at enquiry and enrolment and build on this data throughout the student lifecyle. Maintain up-to-date information with no manual entry required. Automated reminders encourage students, staff and families to keep their information current.

Comprehensive Student Records

Reflect students’ medical information, special needs and learning support requirements as part of their student record. FACTS allows teachers to view this information where appropriate via tailored alerts. Compliance with government reporting requirements is simple – request updated information and create customised reports with the click of a button.

Complete Document Management

Manage important student documents with ease using an integrated document management system. FACTS lets you save important and confidential documents including reports, medical assessments and action plans, court orders, custody papers and more. Share relevant information with specific users based on advanced permissions.

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