Rebranding for FACTS Partners

As valued partners, we have provided some information to help you learn about the rebrand of PCSchool to FACTS School Management. The information will explain why we have rebranded, how to use the logo, how to reference your partnership with FACTS and how to update important URLs.

Why Rebrand?

FACTS acquired PCSchool in 2018 with the vision to be a partner of choice and provide a ‘best-in-class’ school management solution. Over the past few years, we’ve integrated our products and aligned our teams. As of the 1st of March, we are excited to move forward under the FACTS brand and continue to partner with you, offering a complete suite of school management tools that elevate the education experience for schools, students and their families.

Referring to the FACTS Brand and Platforms

FACTS will offer two platforms; School Management (formerly PCSchool) and Tuition Management. These two platforms can be integrated together for a ‘whole-school’ experience or purchased independently.

When referring to the company as a whole, please use FACTS. When referring to the network of solutions we offer, please use FACTS School Management and FACTS Tuition Management.

Logo and Design Overview

Technical Rebranding Specifications

Please review all of your internal and external facing platforms and collateral and make note of any PCSchool mention. This may include logos, training material, website content, or joint marketing collateral.

  1. Replace all PCSchool logos with the FACTS logo.
  2. Change the PCSchool name to FACTS School Management.

Clear Space

Clear space for the FACTS logo is defined by the height of the Nelnet “n.” When using the logo in layout, please follow this guideline to avoid overcrowding of the logo.

FACTS Logo Clear Space

Minimum Sizes

The FACTS logo should never be shorter than 0.5 inches (print) and 36 pixels (digital) to ensure legibility.

FACTS Logo Minimum Space


Our colour palette and colour usage should be 508-compliant to align with our corporate standards. Our hero colour is blue, we use green when referring to FACTS Tuition Management, and purple when referring to FACTS School Management. If you have questions, please fill out the form below.

FACTS colours swatches of blue, purple, and green

Things to Avoid

  1. Do not introduce colours outside of the brand palette to the logo.
  2. Do not create a single, flat colour version of the logo.
  3. Do not skew, stretch, twist, or otherwise distort the logo.
  4. Do not scale or resize parts of the logo. It should be scaled as a unit.
  5. Do not rearrange the letter or elements of the logo.
  6. Do not add drop shadows, glows, strokes, lens flares, or other gratuitous effects to the logo.
  7. Do not drop the “A Nelnet Company” portion of the logo.
FACTS Logo Things to Avoid

Logo Assets

Please download the following logo files to use in any digital or printed materials.

Important Integration Considerations

Please make sure you plan ahead to make any of the necessary changes required in this area. We are happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. Please submit your questions in the form below or contact the team on 1300 727 200.

Current Integrations

If your product is currently integrating with FACTS School Management (formerly PCSchool) for a specific school on the cloud, the URL for schools to enter FACTS School Management will change from<schoolname> to<schoolname>. We recommend that you update the integration link for each school, but we will offer a redirect for a period of time to ease the transition.

API Library

If you are using the new FACTS API library, the URL will change from to And the previous integration site will change to from 1 March 2023. A redirect will be in place for a period to ease the transition.

Shared Documents

If you and your FACTS representative were using any shared documents, these URLs will change from 1 March 2023. The original shared document links will not be redirected to the new link. You may contact your FACTS representative with any questions about shared documents at or on 1300 727 200.

Marketing Website

The marketing website address for PCSchool will change from to There will be a redirect in place for a period to ease the transition. Partners will be represented at from 1 March.

Social Media

We will rename and maintain the current social media accounts for a short period of time. In the coming months, we will merge the accounts with FACTS Australia’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages. More information will be provided on this as we progress. If you want to get ahead, follow FACTS AU/NZ on LinkedIn and Facebook here:

Do you have additional questions?