Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

While each school is different, every school strives to deliver and maintain strong educational outcomes. To facilitate this, FACTS School Management offers a flexible, secure and seamless way to manage attendance, curriculum and assessment and wellbeing, mentoring and development.

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Keeping up with attendance can be a tricky and time-consuming job. Today, most schools record attendance digitally; however, without an integrated approach across your school, attendance data can be fractured, incomplete and unreliable. FACTS allows you to take an end-to-end approach to managing attendance. Designed to reflect the realities and complexities of the school environment, it supports you to record, respond to and report on attendance with consistency and confidence.

  • Flexible online roll marking
  • Streamlined electronic sign-in
  • Simple planned absence management
  • Powerful reporting and analytics

Curriculum and Assessment

FACTS School Management offers a flexible, secure and seamless way to manage timetabling, assessment and reporting. With streamlined data entry, integration with state and national standards and advanced analytics, it can be customised to meet your school’s needs both now and in the future.

  • Optimised assessment and reporting
  • Standardised test imports
  • Comprehensive assessment analysis for the entire school population, particular year level or subject
  • Streamlined timetabling
  • Simple parent-teacher interview requests, bookings and notifications
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Wellbeing, Mentoring and Development

High-performing schools know that a balanced education is about more than academic outcomes. Considering student wellbeing is critical to delivering a well-rounded school experience. FACTS School Management offers a comprehensive approach to managing behaviour and wellbeing, allowing you to track this important aspect for individual students through to the entire school.

  • Total behaviour management and notifications to monitor student progress
  • Robust learning support for gifted students or those with special needs
  • Thorough student welfare support
  • Complete personal development recording
  • Actionable analytics