School Operations

School Operations

Automating regular and repeatable tasks gives schools more time to spend on value-adding activities and learning delivery. FACTS lets schools communicate easily and instantly with staff, families and students, driving stronger engagement. With enrolment, communication, alumni management and more securely managed via intuitive portals, sharing information and collecting forms, payments and medical information is simple.

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FACTS’ security features ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. The system supports SSO, role-based access, controls, regular backups, data encryption, regular software updates and security patches, and compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. The combination of these features ensures robust protection for your school’s sensitive information.


FACTS School Management’s sophisticated multi-channel communication platform allows you to communicate with staff, families and students easily and instantly via email, SMS and app. Create and send a bulk message to the entire school or specific year levels, classes, sports teams or subject groups. Make newsletters lost at the bottom of school bags and misplaced permissions or payment slips a thing of the past with focused digital communication.

User-Centric Calendar

Share school events quickly and easily with staff, students and families via their own personalised calendar. FACTS allows users to see just the information that’s important to them – from the whole-school swimming carnival to year level, class or subject-specific excursions, assessments and important dates.

FACTS School App

Communicate instantly with staff, students, and families with a powerful Android and iOS app. FACTS lets you use push notifications to contact the entire school community or a select group of users. Parents and students can view timetables and attendance history and contact their teachers directly within the app.

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Alumni Management

Former students are a rich source of knowledge, passion and funding for many schools. However, despite the significant value lasting connections with past students offer, many schools struggle with managing alumni effectively.

FACTS supports schools to take a proactive and professional approach to alumni management. From retaining information about past students’ time at your school to allowing them to update their details and register for fundraisers and events, it will help you preserve important relationships. Features include:

  • Intelligent data capture
  • Two-way communication
  • Fundraisers, event registrations, pledges and payments