Customer Stories

Effective School Management

The digitised information we collect from students and families is very flexible with many reports and when we need specialised queries with the data mining function.

– Jim Lambie, Business Manager, Newstead Christian School, Tasmania

Plenty Valley Christian College implemented FACTS Tuition Management in 2019 and has benefited significantly from the process automation it delivers. The broader FACTS systems are clearly delivering on an exciting roadmap of change, and we have been delighted to be part of the journey.

– Peter Bain, Plenty Valley Christian College, Victoria, Australia

FACTS has been a game changer. It’s supported us to automate so many manual processes – from collecting payments to receipting. In addition to providing a much better experience for all users, FACTS has had a dramatic impact on our uncollected fees. At the end of our first year using FACTS, outstanding payments were at 2%, down from 4% the previous year. At the mid-point of 2023, we’re tracking at well under 1% of fees outstanding.”

– Leanne Cousins, Head of Finance, St Rita's College, Queensland AU

I love using FACTS. It’s intuitive, and the support team are excellent. It integrates seamlessly with Synergetic (our school management system) and lets us quickly reconcile all balances and accounts anytime. If there isn’t already a report that does what we want, the FACTS team is happy to create one for us.

– Lizzie Ciric, Finance Officer, St Rita's College, Queensland AU

FACTS has been a total game changer for King’s – it’s had a significant positive impact on both our finance team and our families. Our tuition fee management is now 100% paperless and largely automated, late payments have dropped dramatically and our debtor levels average below 3% throughout the school year.

– Darren McDonald, Business Manager, Kings Baptist Grammar School, South Australia AU

PCSchool’s hosted solution meant we could mark rolls and record and manage student behaviour online, and this information was accessible to all staff regardless of where they were. Teachers weren’t limited to being at school to work on student reports, giving them more flexibility to complete them in a way that fits in with their lives.

– Lucy Gotts, Snowy Mountains Christian School

We have found FACTS School Management to be a vital all-in-one tool for our school administration, bringing together all data related to students in a single, user-friendly platform for students, teachers and whanau/caregivers. We really like that all areas of the school are able to use the single database - administration, teaching and co-curricular too. Over the years, FACTS has been highly responsive to our needs and developed tools specifically to meet them. Now we can quickly and easily access the data we need in a format that suits us. We really appreciate the availability of the helpdesk staff, and have developed excellent relationships with their specialist staff too - we know that FACTS cares about how their product and them team work for us.

– Clare Linzey, Selwyn College NZ

Having used the product for almost two years, I have confidence in the product and the people. Don’t be afraid to enquire and ask the hard questions.

– Darren McDonald, King's Baptist Grammar School, Wynn Vale, South Australia

We started in 2017 with FACTS being an opt-in solution. Our goal is to make this the standard for all tuition in 2018.

– Roger Craig, Samford Valley Steiner School, Wights Mountain, Queensland